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  • hi starrmie just wondering when your service will be back up because i need a bp only you can do :)
    Hey i've got a question! Is it possible to RNG A pokemon at the Museum? and would you happen to know how to RNG those? I'm trying to RNG a shiny HP Electric 70 Bold/Calm Lileep with Storm Drain and Recover. But... i need to RNG a female Lileep in the Musem first to pass on recover from a Corsola. any tips?
    The Chansey is Quiet - 7 / 18 / 15 / 20 / 20 / 23. IV's aren't perfect, but the Lickitung is pretty good for a NYPC poke, Careful - 31 / 30 / 28 / 14 / 31 / 26. I'll post the details now then :)
    Oh okay. Well can I just ask you if you'd be interested in a Wish Chansey, Wish/Heal Bell Lickitung, or Shiny DW Slowpoke? Just so I know if you'd be interested in doing it in the first place.
    Hey starrmie, do you think you could tell me when your BP Service is back up? That's assuming you're planning on re-opening. I have a project in mind that I hope you're interested it.
    Damn this is so weird. I can't even host a trade. I don't think this has ever happened before.
    Sorry I think it's me. I can't connect or something for some reason. Let me try again.
    Crap. I can't connect to you. Let me try to fiddle around with my router. I also have to eat dinner really fast.
    Yup, I can trade now. See you on? Also, did you want a copy of the nidoran or jirachi back?
    Hey. Are you available to trade now? I'm also interested in your male DW nidoran. Check if there's anything that you want from me.
    You can go to castelia city and the old man can help you NN pokes. But its ok like that :)
    I can trade now if its ok with you. And of course i can clone the nidoran. Did you nickname it? :P
    woot for horrid nintendo wifi connection, can we try again later? I dont think its gonna work now and i really need to take my gf to work
    yea its the right one, sorry about the wait my interenets freaking out, but its fixed and ill brb in
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